Entry #31

(A)LONE - In competition at the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival

2015-08-06 17:58:02 by AsthmaticHamster

Hello Newgrounds!

It's been a while now! How have you been? Still looking good I see.

So, horrible summer we're having, yes?

Alright, enough idle chit chat, let's get down to business! Last year I directed a short film called (A)LONE about (surprise surprise) loneliness. The movie is now in competition at the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival. You'll be able to watch the movie online or on Air Canada flights until October 31st.


If you like the movie, it's also up for the People's Choice Award, and this is where I need your help! You can vote once a day and can even win a pair of plane tickets to any destination of your liking in North America! Also, comments on the actual movie are more than welcomed! :)




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2015-08-22 22:55:01

Awesome, awesome short. Good luck, brother.