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Hello Newgrounds!

It's been a while now! How have you been? Still looking good I see.

So, horrible summer we're having, yes?

Alright, enough idle chit chat, let's get down to business! Last year I directed a short film called (A)LONE about (surprise surprise) loneliness. The movie is now in competition at the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival. You'll be able to watch the movie online or on Air Canada flights until October 31st.

If you like the movie, it's also up for the People's Choice Award, and this is where I need your help! You can vote once a day and can even win a pair of plane tickets to any destination of your liking in North America! Also, comments on the actual movie are more than welcomed! :)



New Short : "A SERIOUS FILM"

2013-09-30 19:41:11 by AsthmaticHamster

Good evening everyone,

last week, I presented to you this little short shot way back in July. Well, this week, I'm back with another short written, directed and edited in less than 72 hours in a Kino Kabaret in Paris. FYI, a Kino Kabaret is a spontaneous creation laboratory where filmmakers, actors, technicians, etc. from all over the world invade a city and create movies together for a week or more.

This particular movie is a riff on how most of the "serious" shots made in these kabarets are usually either very dull or very cheesy.

So there you go! Enjoy the movie and please do comment even if you hated it. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.


2013-09-20 16:04:57 by AsthmaticHamster

Hello Newgrounds,

it's been a while. Hope you're doing well? How's the wife?

This summer, I made this little short titled BLIND SPOTS AND DEAD ENDS, written and shot as part of a "Kino Challenge" in Montreal under the theme "a car movie". This is my second try at this type of challenge, the first one being this movie right here. We had a blast making the movie, even though the heat in the car was unbearable. Risks of the job, they say.

Anyway, enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Also, there's this short I've been working on for 3 years now that will be hitting festivals soon. I will keep my page updated with its itinerary for anyone interested in seeing it in theaters. In the meantime, here's a short teaser for it! Fun fact : the movie was shot at DancingTurkeyGod's house, a place where many NG meets were held, and scored by all-around nice guy Rig.

So you worked hard all year long and you're about to kick off your shoes for the Holidays. But there's no time for relaxing, being that today is the end of the world and all. Tough times, tough times...

Here, have a short. It's on me, you deserve it!

I made this short with friend in half a day for a festival that took place in Montreal last night. The action had to take place 3 to 4 minutes before, during or after the end of the world.

Also, this short features the music of Newgrounds' own Brian "Stargenx" Burke. Check out his page and his tracks, he makes awesome stuff!

On that note, happy holidays (that is if we manage to make it through the day alive)!

"A THOUGHT FOR ROBERT" - My new short film

2012-08-05 13:07:49 by AsthmaticHamster

Hello again, people of Newgrounds,

here's a new short I made as part of a "Kino Challenge" in Montreal. The rules were simple : each of the 15 directors participating were teamed with two or three actors picked randomly. They were then given a theme (in this case, the tagline : "A thought for Robert") they had to respect in their short (which had to be 2 mins or less). Here's what I came up with.

Oh, and I won the challenge by the way :)

"CURTAIN CALL" : My new short film

2012-06-01 16:30:48 by AsthmaticHamster

So it's been awhile since this was shot (last October to be precise), but finally, here it is : my new short movie! It's premiering tonight at a theater in Montreal, but I wanted to give you guys a look at it first and gather some comments.

Basically, it's an hommage to French playwright Eugene Ionesco, his obsession and fear of death and one of his play in particular : Exit the King. It was first written as a 5-part webseries, but when I failed to find funding for it, I decided to use the money I had just won in a game show and make this short instead!

Enjoy and, if you see some errors in the subtitles, please warn me. I'm about to send the movie to festivals and I want it to be PERFECT (or as perfect as it can be :P). Constructive criticism is also very welcomed!

Well.., not personally, but my movie did!

Long story short, I did a short a couple of months back in a "Do a movie in 48h" kinda event (traditionally called the Kino Kabaret). The movie was recently shown at the Montreal Fantasia Festival during the "Do It Yourself" short program.

Well I was attending the award ceremony last Sunday (mainly because they had free booze for the directors. Free booze is good). I basically had no hope of winning. I love my movie, but I don't think it's a "festival caliber" movie, I pretty much got lucky with Fantasia.

No need to tell you how surprised I was when they announced that the Best Actor in a DIY short went to my movie and, most specifically, its main actor, Maxime Desjardins. He's an awesome actor but not really known publicly here, so he was ecstatic to hear the news.

For you non-believers out there, here's the report from Dread Central to prove it (you have to scroll a bit to get to the Quebecois DIY shorts section).

Also, for those of you who wish to see the movie, you can watch it on Vimeo here.

Won an award at the Montreal FANTASIA Festival

Pico goes to court!

2011-04-30 21:40:08 by AsthmaticHamster

It took me 5 fucking years, but FINALLY, here it is! The follow-up to my 2006 Pico Day submission!

And if you missed Part 1 back in 2006 :

Happy Pico Day to everyone. Now, if you don't mind, I'm off to celebrate with the NG crew. I'm actually writing this from the NG HQ conference room. Taa Taaaah!

Pico goes to court!

10 years on Newgrounds

2010-11-14 14:40:24 by AsthmaticHamster


So today marks the 10th anniversary of my Newgrounds account...
And strangely, while I was getting older and older (god, I am so ashamed of my earlier BBS posts...), the average NG user never seemed to be aging. What's up with that?! I suspect some kind of Logan's Run plot twist to be soon revealed where when a user reaches a certain stage, his account is DELETED... or not...

Also, thanks for Newgrounds for giving me a reason to travel around the world. The first time I actually left the country was for a meet in London, and that right there gave me the travel bug, an STD I blame Luis for... told me he was clean... bitch...

Anyway, a tip of the hat to all the users I met and worked with during the last decade, including the first one, DrNeroCF (Brad Borne) a whopping 6 years ago. Remember that I was animating stuff for you WAAAAY before you made games with EA and that I was one of the first (I think) to test run Fancy Pant Adventures, boy! :P

I honestly don't know what else to say about this...
... well, except maybe : "Can I have those 10 years of my life back now, please?"

Directed and edited a short in less than 48 hours

2010-10-25 00:01:19 by AsthmaticHamster

Last week, I was participating in a Kino Kabaret where you were given a small amount of time to write, direct and edit a short movie with certain gimmicks attached. Some had Patrick Watson playing music for their movies live during the projection, others had to work with old medias like film or Hi-8 cameras. For me, it was a 48 hours time limit to deliver a 3 minutes long movie.

Here's the result. For anyone wondering, it was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II.
Here's the link,

Directed and edited a short in less than 48 hours